Polymer Car Diffuser Sets
Polymer Car Diffuser Sets

Polymer Car Diffuser Sets

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These adorable perfume polymer clay bottles come's with your choice of essential oil blend or fragrance oil. These cute diffuser bottles hang from your review mirror in your car and smell amazing! You could use them to hang in your bedroom or put one on your desk in your office!
They last for 4-6 weeks and are refillable! They are great for a unique gift and they are just so cute you will want one for yourself too!
Sets will last 5-6 months, comes  with a 10 no refill bottle which is enough to refill twice 

The bottles are 13-15 ml and they will come with 5ml of your choice of essential blend with diffuser oil or fragrance blend with diffuser oil already inside the bottle ready for you to use.
(not to be applied to the skin or used for any other purpose)

  1. Unscrew the cork lid and remove plastic cap
  2. Replace cork lid and turn upside down once for a few seconds to wet the lid
    CAUTION: DO NOT over wet the lid as the fragrance can be absorbed up into the string and can cause damage to wooden/plastic surfaces

It is now ready to hang. 

The scent with slowly diffuser from the cork lid. You can turn the bottle upside again after a few weeks. 

CAUTION: DO NOT put directly on any surface, use a coaster or something similar to protect the surface. Keep away from children. Not to be used for any other purpose. Do not apply on skin and clean any spills immediately with a damp cloth.
DO NOT hang anywhere that may cause distraction or impede vision

Choose your Blend
PLEASE NOTE: tyles, shapes & colours will vary.

  • Breathe - Great for the winter months. Helps with colds, flu, respiratory issues & sinus.
  • Guardian Angel - A beautiful unique blend of Jasmine, Geranium, Bergamot & Cedarwood. Let your guardian angel watch over you and ease any stress or anxiety away.
  • Peace & calm - Help letting go of mental and emotional anguish and to gain a sense of inner composition. Used to refresh the mind, uplift the spirit, energise, letting go of heavy thought forms, opening the heart and mind for love joy and happiness, inner peace, purification, spiritual love, understanding, mental clarity, lift the spirit, centring and grounding
  • Uplifting - Citrus blend of essential oils to keep you uplifted and alert.
  • Vanilla 
Warnings and Precautions
  • DO NOT tip upside for too long, as this can cause the fragrance to lead up the rope and become too wet which could cause damage to plastic surfaces.
  • DO NOT hang anywhere that could cause distraction or impede your vision.
  • Not to used for another other use, do not apply to skin or ingest.

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