Spiral Mandala Dreamcatcher Aromatherapy Necklace- Rose Gold

Spiral Mandala Dreamcatcher Aromatherapy Necklace- Rose Gold

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New Design!  Our unique Dreamcatcher Essential oil necklace has a 30mm pendant with 3 feather charms ( total length 70mm). 
Our beautiful essential oil diffuser necklaces are specially designed with ventilation holes to slowly diffuse your favourite essential oil blend all day long. Made with 100% surgical grade (316L) stainless steel with heavy locking magnets and a solid back they are high-quality & will not rust or tarnish. 

Simply open the locket and place a few drops of essential oil onto the diffuser pad. 



  • 1x High-Quality, durable 316L stainless steel diffuser locket with feather attachments. 
  • 1x chain - 51cm)
  • 8 x Assorted sparkle Diffuser Pads

Pendant size is 30mm

(essential oils not included)


Lotus Flower Symbol meaning

The Lotus is a universal symbol of purity, divinity, and rebirth. This beautiful flower grows out of mud, entering a full blossom when it emerges from the murky water.

The Lotus reminds us that the most revered things in our world often come from humble beginnings before becoming icons of serenity. Often adversity can serve as the path to an open heart.

Wear the Lotus as a talisman of divine renewal and resilience.

Transformation | Renewal | Beauty

Patience | Purity | Divinity

Awakening | Resilience


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