Labradorite Protection & Grounding  Bracelet
Labradorite Protection & Grounding  Bracelet

Labradorite Protection & Grounding Bracelet

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Labradorite is a powerful protection stone, it deflects negative thoughts and unwanted energies. Labradorite helps to calm an overactive mind, eliminates false ideas and beliefs, and balances rational thinking with intuition. Emotionally, it supports self-trust and stability in times of transition.

African Turquoise is its own unique stone. A teal, speckled form of jasper.  It is considered the stone of evolution. African Turquoise brings about great change and transformation within life. Its encouraging energy opens minds to the possibility of newness. This stone helps us to see the need for development and metamorphosis, and provides the balance and confidence necessary to further the process of self-development. It will renew your spirit, energy, and path in life. 

Smokey Quartz- is a powerful grounding and balancing stone. It is hugely valued because of how it helps you to cut through the illusions in life, and likewise remain centered when you come across new ideas that would otherwise leave you a little on the back foot. Smokey Quartz disperses fear, lifts depression and negativity. It brings emotional calmness, relieving stress and anxiety. 

Each piece is individually handcrafted & unique. Made with genuine learher band and natural stones: Labradorite,  African Turquoise & Smokey Quartz

Length: Appx. Around 19.8 inches + 3 closures for adjustment

Please Note- These handmade beauties have a delivery time of 14-21 days

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