White Sage Smudge Kit!
White Sage Smudge Kit!
White Sage Smudge Kit!
White Sage Smudge Kit!

White Sage Smudge Kit!

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Kit Contains-

1x100 gram white sage soap

1 x 125ml White Sage Smudge clearing spray 

1 x Smudge Stick

White Sage has traditionally been used for clearing residual energies but it also contains antibacterial properties that can help boost the immune system. White Sage assist as a natural treatment for many skin condition and of course can also help to remove negative energies.

SOAP The White Sage Soap Is truly divine !!! I cannot recommend this soap enough.. 👏

Handmade in Australia this White Sage soap is made using pure white sage essential oil sourced from California, as well as crushed up white sage from smudge sticks. It leaves you feeling so clean & cleansed... 👏

Use it in the shower or bath at the end of the day to wash away all the energies you have gathered throughout the day. Or first thing in the morning to start the day fresh and with clear cleansed energy.

100 gram bar

Certified eco-sustainable Palm Oil (Sodium Palmate), Palm Kernel Oil
(Sodium Palm Kernelate), Plant Origin Glycerine (Glycerin), Natural Sea
Salt (Sodium Chloride), White Sage Essential Oil (Salvia Apiana) and
White Sage leaves.

No Parabens
No Artificial colours or frgrances
Made from ethically sourced ingredients



Cleanse your energy field and clear away negative energy in your home, office or car.

This unique space clearing blend has been made with full moon crystal infused water, witch hazel, 100% pure essential oils of Californian White Sage, Lavender & Lemon and Pink Himalayan sea salt.

125ml bottle 

 Directions- shake bottle and spray on or around you and your environment.


White Sage Smudge Stick- 5" - 12cm

Smudge sticks kill bacteria in the air when burnt.

Grown and sustainable harvested in California by a Native American’s.

Beware of cheap Mexican white sage which does not have the same clearing abilities.

Native American cultures use smudge sticks in spiritual ceremonies and to remove negative energies and spirits.
To use a smudge stick hold the tip over a burning candle for around 30 seconds then blow out any flame and fan the stick with a feather or smudge wave.

Our smudge sticks are Chemical free 
All of our Smudge are sustain-ably wild harvested and are not commercially grown.

Size – 5″/12cm (product size may vary slightly)


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